MAX14692 High-Accuracy, Adjustable Power Limiter

Product Details

The MAX14691MAX14693 adjustable overvoltage, undervoltage, and overcurrent protection devices guard systems against overcurrent faults in addition to positive overvoltage and reverse-voltage faults. When used with an optional external pMOSFET, the devices also protect downstream circuitry from voltage faults up to +58V, -60V (for -60V external pFET rating). The devices feature a low, 31mΩ, on-resistance integrated FET.

During startup, the devices are designed to charge large capacitances on the output in a continuous mode for applications where large reservoir capacitors are used on the inputs to downstream devices.

Additionally, the devices feature a dual-stage, current-limit mode in which the current is continuously limited to 1x, 1.5x, and 2x the programmed limit, respectively, for a short time after startup. This enables faster charging of large loads during startup.

The MAX14691MAX14693 also feature reverse-current and overtemperature protection. The devices are available in a 20-pin (5mm x 5mm) TQFN package and operate over the -40°C to 125°C temperature range.


  • Control and Automation
  • High-Power Applications
  • Human Machine Interfaces
  • Industrial Power Systems
  • Motion System Drives

Features and Benefits

  • Robust, High-Power Protection Reduces System Downtime
    • Wide Operating Input Range: +5.5V to +58V
    • -60V Negative Input Tolerance (for -60V External pFET Rating)
    • Low 31mΩ (typ) RON
    • Reverse Current-Blocking Protection with External pFET
  • Enables Fast Startup and Brownout Recovery
    • Thermal Foldback Current-Limit Protection
    • Dual-Stage Current Limiting
      • 1.0x Startup Current (MAX14691)
      • 1.5x Startup Current (MAX14692)
      • 2.0x Startup Current (MAX14693)
  • Flexible Design Enables Reuse and Less Requalification
    • Adjustable OVLO and UVLO Thresholds
    • Programmable Forward Current Limit From 0.6A to 6A with ±15% Accuracy Over Full Temperature Range
    • Normal and High-Voltage Enable Inputs (EN and Active-Low HVEN)
    • Protected External pFET Gate Drive
  • Saves Board Space and Reduces External BOM Count
    • 20-Pin 5mm x 5mm TQFN Package
    • Integrated nFET